EN 54-17

Intended for activation of external for the 7000M devices and receiving signals from them in duty mode or fire alarm mode.

 Programmable input:

– activated on short-circuit (then the connection line is not monitored for short-circuit fault)

– activated on change in the line resistance (monitored for short-circuit and open circuit in the connection line)

 Programmable output:

– potential (additional power supply is required), monitored output

– non-potential, dry contact

The functional characteristics of each input or output are individually programmable.

Brand: UniPOS
Origin: Bulgaria


  • current consumption in duty mode: < 290 µА+/-30
  • supply voltage from addressable loop – (18÷30)VDC
  • Dry contact with programmable functions
  • type – non-potential, switching
  • electrical characteristics 0,5A/125VAC; 1A/30VDC
  • Monitored output with programmable functions
  • type – potential, switching
  • electrical specification (12÷30)VDC
  • peak activation current with internal power supply – 80mA
  • peak activation current with external power supply – 1,5A
  • Dimensions 90х66х22mm
  • Weight 0,078 kg