The Addressable Modular System 7000M is designed to satisfy a professional solution enhancing:

  • Installation procedure
  • Set-up flexibility
  • New requirements implementation
  • Fully compatible with the EN54 standard

Brand: UniPOS
Origin: Bulgaria

7000M Base configuration


Base module;

Loop module;


Zone indication

32/64 zone

Printer (optional)





Power Supply Module -7000M


  • current consumption at 230VAC – 0,8A
  • current consumption at 120VAC – 1,6A
  • cable connection    – min 1,5mm²
  • mains power fuse – 4A


capacity of batteries     – 26Ah/12V

number of batteries     – 2pcs

maximum internal resistance battery – 80mΩ





Base Module -7000M

  • Base DIN module is mandatory for panel 7000M. Each panel includes only one module. Module is always installed on the first position of DIN rail, next to the Power supply module. Base DIN module is directly power supplied over connector.
  • Module includes detachable and standard connectors for interface connection:
  • redundant CAN 2.0B connection to other 7000M panels – up to 16 panels per system.
  • RS485 for connection with Panel repeaters or Zone indication led board extenders;
  • USB host – Upload/Download panel configuration and update panel firmware (requires Access level 3);
  • connector – for connection with printer.
  • Ethernet LAN port – for connection to Intellect BMS software connection or remote diagnostic access.




Loop Module -7000M

• Connecting type: DIN rail
• Connecting line to loop: two-wire shielded
• Loops per module 2 pcs.
• Modules per panel max – 5 pcs.
min -1 pcs.
• Maximum resistance of a loop  at  210 devices and  2 100 m distance)
“-” wire) – 28Ω
“+” wire) – 60Ω
•Maximum Loop Consumption  300mA/24VDC
• Power supply (ensured by PSU module) 27,6 +1/-8 VDC


BIO Module -7000M

     Type potential free, trigger switch
     Electrical characteristics 0,5A/125VAC; 1A/30VDC
     Type potential
     Electrical characteristics (27,6 +1/-8)VDC/0,7A
     Type potential
     Electrical characteristics (27,6 +1/-8)VDC/0,7A






Modular system – can be consist of:

–  only display and keyboard panel

–  only led indicator panel

–  or combination of above two

Connecting type: two pair, shielded twisted pair
Communication interface RS485
Max. Repeaters per system 15pcs
Current Consumption 50mA/27,5VDC
Connection distance max 1000m between first and last panel
Power supply 21.5VDC28VDC


Printer (optional) – 7000М


Printable data:

  • Faults events
  • Alarm Events
  • Event log data

Additional information

Technical Data

● Delay to outputs, Day/Night mode
● Dependencies on more than one alarm signal
– CI Mode A (Detecting fire by double zone activation)
– CI Mode B (Detecting fire by two zones activation)
– CI Mode C (Detecting fire with inspection time)
● Alarm counter – up to 9999 (can be delete by script at level access 4)
● Event log (archive) – 10 000 events ● Fault signals from points ● Total loss of power supply ● Output to fault warning routing equipment ● Disablement of addressable points