Our wet chemical fire extinguishers extinguish fire by forming a soppy form blanket over the burning oil and by cooling the oil below its ignition temperature.

  • Designed and approved to EN3
  • All models are tested to clause 9.2 of EN3-7 for use on live electrical equipment
  • High UV resistant polyster coating for extra protection from extremely harsh elements
  • Polyethylene lined cylinders for corrosion resistance
  • Easy squeeze-grip operation and all metal handles
  • Complete with metal brackets


Extinguishing Medium

Wet Chemical

Capacity(Kg) 3 6
Height(mm) 435 537
Shell Diameter(mm) 130 162
Working Pressure(Bar) 15
Test Pressure 30
Full Weight(Kg) 5.40 9.60
Discharge Time Approx.(Second) 20 42
Temperature Range 50 C ± 600 C 50C ± 600 C
Fire Rating 13A 70B 40F 21A 70B 40F
Approved to EN3