Our wet chemical fire extinguishers extinguish fire by forming a soppy form blanket over the burning oil and by cooling the oil below its ignition temperature.

  • Designed and approved to EN3
  • All models are tested to clause 9.2 of EN3-7 for use on live electrical equipment
  • High UV resistant polyster coating for extra protection from extremely harsh elements
  • Polyethylene lined cylinders for corrosion resistance
  • Easy squeeze-grip operation and all metal handles
  • Complete with metal brackets


Propellant Type Store Pressure
Extinguishing Medium Wet Chemical Wet Chemical Wet Chemical
Capacity (KG) 3 6 9
Height (mm) 480 510 570
Shell Diameter (mm) 130 162 182
Working Pressure (Bar) 15
Test Pressure 30
Full Weight (KG) 5.4 9.6 12.95
Discharge Time Approx. (Sec) 20 24 30
Temperature Range   -30˚C To + 60˚C   -30˚C To + 60˚C   -30˚C To + 60˚C
Fire Rating 13A 70B 40F 21A 70B 40F 21A 70B 40F
Approved to EN3 ok ok ok