Our mobile fire extinguishers are designed for large industrial or marine fire risks where a large amount of fire extinguishing agent is required. Mobile extinguishers can be supplied in a choice of size and agents to suit specific application

CO2 Units

  • Designed and approved to EN 1866
  • Factory filled with CO2 for great fire knock down
  • One person operation
  • Strong and stylish wheel for smooth moving

Model FKCD10 FKCD20 FKCD30
Propellant Type Store Pressure
Extinguishing Medium CO2 CO2 CO2
Capacity (KG) 10 20 30
Height (mm) 1220 1305 1590
Shell Diameter (mm) 152 219 219
Working Pressure (Bar) 70
Test Pressure 250
Full Weight (KG) 33 70 105
Discharge Time Approx. (Sec) 22 35 70
Temperature Range   -30˚C To + 60˚C   -30˚C To + 60˚C   -30˚C To + 60˚C
Fire Rating 144B 183B 183B
Approved to EN3 ok ok ok