Al Aman fire pump Division provides a wide range of fire pump sets with different capacity ranges varying from 30 GPM up to 2500 GPM at 5 to 10 bar pressures, however we have ability to manufacture larger pump capacities as per customer’s request. All the pump sets assembled are fully run tested to ensure the performance and the capability before the delivery. Moreover, a thorough test is conducted to ensure that the pump set is fully operating at the required capacity. A free of charge testing and commissioning will be provided by an experimented Teams.



  • Speed:
    2900 – 3500 RPM
  • Frequency
    50 / 60 Hz
  • Capacity
    30 GPM – 2500 GPM
  • Pressure Range
    44 PSI – 261 PSI


  • Available as
    Wall Mounted
    Base Mounted
  • Configurations Available
    EDJ Type
    EJ Type
    DJ Type
  • ED Type
  • Pressure Tanks are available for all the models
  • Al Aman Control Panels are included in the package