ABC Dry Powder is multi-purpose for all Class A,B,C and Electrical fire risks

Our 6 kg automatic fire extinguisher will protect most areas when no one is around to fight a fire. It contains multi-purpose powder and fights any type of fire, Fitted to the ceiling with the supplied bracket, it’s ideal for plant rooms, switch rooms, engine bays and flammable liquid stores.

  • Working automatically in 68°C
  • Factory filled with versatile ABC dry powder for great fire knock down
  • High UV resistant polyester coating for extra protection from extremely harsh elements
  • Complete with metal brackets
  • Anticipated lifespan with indoor use and proper maintenance -5 to 10 years
  • Suitable for boats, plant rooms, engine bays, flammable liquid stores

Model FKPD6-A
Propellant Type Dry Nitrogen
Extinguishing Medium ABC Powder
Capacity (KG) 6
Height (mm) 264
Shell Diameter (mm) 300
Working Pressure (Bar) 15
Test Pressure 30
Full Weight (KG) 8.5
Discharge Time Approx. (Sec) 20
Temperature Range   -30˚C To + 60˚C